Nexus Optix, a division of Telesource Services LLC., offers a low-cost, high-quality option to the rising costs of implementing optical transceivers.

Our optical transceivers...

  • Can save your company 20% to 60% in transceiver costs
  • OEM brand-equivalent quality and performance
  • 100% compatibility guaranteed
  • 100% tested and approved
  • All major OEMs stocked across all platforms (100baseT – 100GB)
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Maintains the factory warranty of the network equipment
  • MSA Class 1 laser manufacturers
  • Can future-proof your network
  • Shipped Same-Day


Pluggable transceiver technology is the answer to today’s ever-changing network needs. Nexus Optix's line of pluggable transceivers provides the option to implement today’s technology while protecting your investment for what lies ahead. Implement Gigabit Ethernet to a customer today and upgrade to 10 Gigabit Ethernet tomorrow through a simple transceiver change-out.

Warranty Protection

Nexus Optix transceiver's come with a lifetime warranty and your OEM switch and/or router warranties are protected with Nexus Optix transceivers through the Federal Trade Commission's “Magnuson-Moss Act” which restricts the OEM manufacturer from product bundling, a.ka. "tie-in sales provisions, in order to maintain warranty coverage.